Removing Users from Adwords

When hiring an agency to manage your Google Ads account, it often makes sense to share access to them rather than hand out google account credentials. But what happens when you decide it is time to move on or are no longer working with them? Changing your password is a nice place to start, but many times clients forget that they are sharing access through Google Ads itself.  While it may be unlikely an agency will make any edits or changes once you are no longer under contract, it still makes sense to remove them for security purposes.  While it is easy to terminate access to users from the client account, agencies are unable to remove former clients from being shared into their own accounts, which can be quite annoying, since you can only have a maximum of 5 accounts shared into it at a time.

How To Remove User Access To Adwords

1. Once logged into your google adwords account, click the gear icon on the top right and select account settings.

2. Click Account Access on the left

3. Find the agency and click “terminate access”

The agency no longer can access your adwords account, and you can better manage  user access going forward.