Facebook’s popularity over the years has created a massive network of people from all over the world. The feature allowing businesses to create an official business profile, quickly presents ‘an in’ to the massive network of Facebook users (also known as local everyday consumers) simply through likes.

How Facebook Likes Work:

Pictured in the diagram below is the life of a post that is traveling through the network of likes. In this example, the initial post reaches your company’s 4 followers; 3 of these followers liked your post. When somebody likes a post it automatically appears on all of their friends’ timelines for them to see. In addition to these 3 followers, now in combination the post reached 9 additional people (their followers) and of the 9, 4 people liked it. This cycle can continue on and on giving your post lots of attention. The most challenging aspect is having to generate content that people not only want to like but also want to follow while promoting your company.

The 5 Ways to Get Facebook Likes:

1. Be Active: Frequently posting on your page keeps followers intrigued and involved. 

Tip 1: Set a schedule for posting & stick to it

Tip 2: Give followers content that they’ll want to follow; write about subjects that pertain to their business

2. Announce: Spread the word about all of the awesome content you’ve been posting to people you already have a relationship or connection with.

Tip 1: Encourage your existing clients, employees and associates to connect on Facebook

Tip 2: Hang a sign or flier somewhere visible (in your office, near reception, break room, etc) with the business’ Facebook information

3. Allied Communication Channels (meaning, unite forms of digital outreach)Once someone stumbles upon your page because they see that a friend of a friend follows your company or liked a post, the multiple Allied communication channels allow potential clients, with the click of the button, connect to company information, website, reviews, services, direct contact information, and more.

Tip 1: Connect your phone number, email, location, etc. so that clients can easily inquire

Tip 2: Connect your website, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, reviews, etc. so that clients can learn more about your company

4. Pay Attention: Create your network by following different pages and people with your ideal clientele’s interests in mind.

Tip 1: Find and follow other local businesses and organizations that express shared interests (usually similar clientele)

Tip 2: The more you expand your Facebook network the more potential clients you’ll reach opening up opportunity for new connections and referrals

5. Advertise: Pay Facebook to have your company profile featured or to appear on your targeted clientele’s timeline (similar to if a friend of theirs had liked it)

Tip 1: Through your Facebook account you can control and customize the paid ads for both Instagram and Facebook


While you can’t force anyone to like your post…
delivering consistent, interesting content will help build up your fan base.

Expectations for any social media audience should not be the same as paid search or other marketing. Facebook Followers are an an audience that agreed to hear what you have to say. They may or may not ever be a project for sale. So long as those expectations are properly set initially, you can manage the process for what it is; An effort to build an ever increasing pool of people to hear what you have to say, and hopefully some portion of those, will repeat it to others, and so the story goes.