Don’t lose your shirt with Google Ads

Google Ads is a paid platform for serving up ads primarily on search result pages but also on other sites and videos. This can give you exposure to the plethora of users that search Google every day. Google makes it very simple to create ads by using keywords to define who you want to show your ads to. The hope…
Asenka Interactive
August 13, 2019

PPC Made Easy As 123

1. The WHAT of PPC Google, the most popular search engine in today‚Äôs time, has created a digital marketing tool called Google Ads. Google Ads provide the service of prioritizing your website into multiple areas of search results. Typically, if a user searches for anything on Google all of the results generated are called organic results. The organic results are…
Asenka Interactive
February 26, 2019

Guide for Managing & Getting Online Reviews

When was the last time you did a search for your company? If the first page of google's results are scattered with 1-3 star reviews of your company on various social sites, you may be losing potential customers. Often companies won't hesitate to spend money on their website's visibility, but fail to see the importance of managing their online reputation.…
Asenka Interactive
October 18, 2017

How to Add a WordPress Profile Pic with Gravatar

Ever see a Wordpress blog post that includes the user's profile pic with their name? If you would like to set up one for your account, it is easy to do with Gravatar through Note, the email address you use for Gravatar will have to be the same email address assigned to your wordpress account for this to work,…
Asenka Interactive
January 25, 2017

How to Remove Duplicate Google Map Listings

After a lot of research and hours on the phone with Google Maps support, hopefully this guide will help anyone that runs into the same situation with Google creating multiple map listings for one office location. Apparently this is a common problem for doctors and dentists as Google seems to want to give each individual their own listing, which is…
Asenka Interactive
January 9, 2017