Digital Marketing Services for Science-Based Businesses

21st century business demands constant attention to your digital footprint and marketing. Yet, it can be hard to find the time to keep your digital footprint (website, search presence, LinkedIn profile, newsletters, etc.) and marketing outreach current.

Moreover, while there are many ordinary digital marketing service providers, including web-designers, SEO services, social networking experts and more, science-based businesses require more. Your digital footprint needs to accurately reflect your scientific expertise. Ordinary service providers may unwittingly misrepresent services or expertise while trying to drive more traffic.

To meet this need, Asenka Interactive and ScienceSmith Consulting, Inc.  jointly offer Digital Marketing Services for Science-Based Businesses.

How it Works

We use a three-part process:


Strategic Marketing Plan (SMP). Digital marketing must integrate with your general marketing effort. To ensure this we begin by creating, based on client input, a high level outline of strategic goals for you.1


Tactical Marketing Plan (TMP). This is a prioritized menu of proposed marketing programs that directly supports your SMP. A plan to track effectiveness for each program is outlined as well. You choose segments for, or proceed stepwise with, execution of TMP elements.2 You control the marketing spend.


Plan Execution. Execution of client-selected elements of the TMP, with ongoing (‘living document’) revisions of the SMP and TMP based on ongoing client dialog and program tracking results.

Why You Win

  • This approach delivers technically informed 21st century digital marketing directly aligned with your strategic plans.
  • It delivers only the marketing you choose to fund AND you get feedback on the effectiveness of that effort.
  • Distractions to your already-busy technical personnel are minimized.

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  1. Obviously, this is unnecessary for clients with an existing, formal SMP. However, this is often missing and modest effort here can create significant customer value.
  2. Again, a written TMP in a living-document format is an often-overlooked, yet valuable resource.