Weddings of Distinction is a collection of 5 unique destination wedding venues. When we originally engaged on this project, the owner needed a name for the group, a higher level brand for the facilities that would still allow each venue to maintain it’s existing brand presence.

After those tasks were done, we had the challenge of bringing 5 preexisting, well performing domains together—into a single website—to present all the properties to prospective brides. This was accomplished without the use of a CMS, and leveraging the incredible imagery provided by many wedding photographers. As the user clicks down for details on each venue, we use some domain gymnastics to preserve each property’s previous domain. This not only allows folks to enter via organic search to the property they are interested in, but it allowed us to present all the properties under the new brand without negatively affecting the search rank of any of the preexisting properties.

The end result is a beautiful website that showcases the best imagery these high end facilities have to offer brides-to-be. Multiple venues can be viewed and evaluated in one place. Couples can pick the venue that best suits their personality and dreams for a perfect day.