Our Approach

Marketing Services

We look at marketing tactics in 3 key phases. Awareness, Action and Advocacy. The goal of this process is to take a prospect that has never heard of the company, and turn them into someone who is such a fan that they consistently send new prospects your way.


Awareness is the first step in getting new business. People must first hear about you before they can ever hire you or buy from you. In this day and age, that’s no small task. The amount of noise people face each day grows exponentially with technology.

Strategic Positioning

  • Research on your strengths, weaknesses, the competition and the market trends.

Brand Development

  • Logos, corporate identity packages and market appropriate taglines
  • Institutional Marketing Tools
  • Website, stationery, email signatures, presentations, networking, etc.

Awareness Campaigns

  • Videos and email campaigns, how-to videos, ads, free trial programs, etc.


Action focuses on the specific thing you need a prospect to do to move them down your sales path. It can be as simple as signing up for a newsletter, or as committed as making a purchase. It all depends on what your sales funnel looks like. This step generally has the most measurable ROI potential. With the integrated tracking we can put on many campaigns you can determine the cost-per-acquisition to quantify effectiveness.

Tactics Driving Action:
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO Checkup)
  • Paid advertising placements (PPC – SEM)
  • Local map and directory listing optimization
  • Analytics configuration (including landing pages, forms and Dynamic phone # tracking for calls)
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Email signups and outreach
  • Video promotions
  • Mobile app development
  • e-commerce integration


Advocacy is the long term goal in all our tactics. This is when your customers are committed to you and spreading the word to others about your great stuff. This is when the marketing efforts over the years really pay off. You stay focused on exceeding your customers expectations and they themselves become an additional (passive) referral source for new business.

Tactics Driving Advocacy:
  • Social Media (strategy, implementation, listening, reporting)
  • Client email programs (cross sells, referrals and general appreciation)
  • Referral initiatives that provide the tools to your customers to make it easy (and potentially lucrative) to pass your name along
illutration of computer with SEO and analytics