Our Approach

A Strategic Foundation

Since it’s inception, Asenka Interactive has been committed to beginning each project with a strategy. Small projects may need less strategic input, whereas a brand repositioning may be more intensive. Beginning with a strategy born from an objective process will result in an effective, validated market position and provide a critical measuring rod by which to evaluate the rest of the program.

With a strategic foundation fully developed, you’ll know where you are, where you are going, and what you will need to get there. It becomes your roadmap as your brand or campaign develops creatively. The all-too-typical aesthetic disagreements are squelched in the face of a solid strategy. Everything is evaluated in light of what best accomplishes the strategic goals. You can lean on the strategy to guide you through new market opportunities and product development. Lastly, that same strategy can be leveraged as you measure customer impressions and experiences to ensure your message is resonating with your customers.

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