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Our Process

Professional design isn’t just about design skills. It’s about understanding the unique values a product or service brings to its market, and then having the skills to communicate that message powerfully.

Sure, your cousin studying design in college could give you a piece that looks good. But looks good to whom? And to what end? The real ROI from professional design comes not in the look of a piece (although that’s important) but in the depth of thought and experience that goes into building a piece that works, AND looks good.

When Asenka takes on a project, we spend a lot of time in behind-the-scenes research before ever beginning the design process. This allows us to make intelligent design decisions, not just educated choices.

Rest assured that we’ll talk you through these decisions. For example, you might not like pink, and that’s fine. But pink can play a potent role in design. It catches the eye and speaks of things feminine and romantic without getting caught up in the potentially dangerous sensuality of red. If your message involves communicating romance to female customers, you’d be crippling your brand by refusing to use pink just because you don’t like it.

It’s called design with intention, and that’s what we do.




“It has been a pleasure to work with you on our many projects. Not only do you take the time to ask thoughtful questions and listen, you strive to look at our business through my eyes so that you propose approaches and solutions that are consistent with our organizational culture and values. Keep up the... Read more »
– Doug Brown – Paradigm Associates

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